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X3 Albion Prelude  

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Sector Akeela's Beacon

Sector Akeela's Beacon
Security level:Border
North gate:
South gate:Legend's Home [follow]0, 1.062, -77.596
East gate:
West gate:Aladna Hill [follow]-63.72, 0, 0

Akeela's Beacon Stations:
Teladi Trading Station-6.4030.1
Free Argon Trading Station-28.50-17.4
Solar Power Plant XL alpha61.54.17.3
Solar Power Plant M delta17.46.165.5
Solar Power Plant M beta55.96.730.7
Solar Power Plant L gamma44.45.853.9
Mass Driver Forge alpha20.2035.1
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility alpha4.30-42.5
Flail Missile Production Facility alpha-9.60-11.7
Dumbfire Missile Production Complex alpha1705.3
Cluster Flak Array Forge beta-48.5-2.415.1
Cluster Flak Array Forge alpha-34022.3

No asteroids in this sector.

Akeela's Beacon Map:
Width: km     Height: km

You can see Akeela's Beacon on map »

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