Sector Barren Shores / X3 Albion Prelude
X3 Albion Prelude
X3 Albion Prelude  

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Sector Barren Shores

Sector Barren Shores
Security level:Border
North gate:Wretched Skies [follow]0, 0, 50
South gate:
East gate:Priest Refuge [follow]25.605, 0, 0
West gate:Reservoir of Tranquillity [follow]-50.16, 0, 0

Barren Shores Stations:
Royal Boron Trading Station-3.70.9-3.9
Pirate Base-3.9032.1
Silicon Mine M alpha6.4-2.7-12.1
Silicon Mine L beta9.7-1.99.9
Ore Mine L beta-10-2.3-12.1
Ore Mine L alpha-18.4-0.38
Medium shield Production Complex alpha-2.7-12.48.7
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge alpha-37.56.314.4
High Yield Production Complex alpha-35.7-10.325.8
Cyclone Missile Factory alpha-23.80-15.6
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge alpha-33.80-10.6

Barren Shores Asteroids:
Silicon Wafers5613.810.217.8
Silicon Wafers40135.827.1
Silicon Wafers38-41226.6
Silicon Wafers3818.29.812.4
Silicon Wafers36-7.59.322.6
Silicon Wafers32-
Silicon Wafers30-18.98.916.4
Silicon Wafers284.85.328.6
Silicon Wafers271.210.719.1
Silicon Wafers267.54.915.1
Silicon Wafers243.210.712
Silicon Wafers20-1211.117.3
Silicon Wafers17-8.38.412.1
Silicon Wafers1617.59.7
Silicon Wafers169.9822.3
Silicon Wafers16-12.111.524.4
Silicon Wafers129.34.44.3
Silicon Wafers12-21.39.723.1
Silicon Wafers12-10.26.720
Silicon Wafers12162.911.5
Silicon Wafers1114.63.36.9
Silicon Wafers114.94.58.2
Silicon Wafers106.73.822.2
Silicon Wafers10-17.57.924.2
Silicon Wafers1015.26.422.1
Silicon Wafers10135.118.6
Silicon Wafers10-11.77.829.8
Silicon Wafers9-15.18.720.9
Silicon Wafers9-8.968.4
Silicon Wafers9-
Silicon Wafers8-06.427.5
Silicon Wafers8-
Silicon Wafers84.94.618.5
Silicon Wafers83623.7
Silicon Wafers8-77.416.9
Silicon Wafers719.47.316.9
Silicon Wafers623.57.37.1

Barren Shores Map:
Width: km     Height: km

You can see Barren Shores on map »

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