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Royal Boron Trading Station / Trading Dock

Royal Boron Trading Station
Station type:Trading Dock
Sector:Hollow Infinity [view on map]
Sector's coordinates:(18, 14)

List of wares
NameContainerVolumeMin ratingPrice
Navigation Relay SatelliteM3-16 740
Quantum TubesM53 368
MicrochipsS213 476
Stott SpicesS1-172
Soja HuskS4-1364
Cloth RimesS2-1292
Boron Law Enforcement License-1+57 580
Singularity Engine Time Accelerator-1-1252
Rudder Optimisation-1-184
Engine Tuning-1-1140
Cargo Bay Extension-1-156

Presented only tentative prices and wares (they correct only at the moment new game starts).

Sector "Hollow Infinity" »

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