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Split Equipment Dock / Equipment Dock

Split Equipment Dock
Station type:Equipment Dock
Sector:Family Njy [view on map]
Sector's coordinates:(16, 4)

List of wares
NameContainerVolumeMin ratingPrice
Photon Pulse CannonXL100+6934 904
1 GJ ShieldXL77+6299 168
Ion Shard RailgunM22+6445 636
25 MJ ShieldM10+485 700
Thunderbolt MissileM4+48 424
Pulsed Beam EmitterM8+5249 308
Spacefly CollectorS5-128 076
High Energy Plasma ThrowerS6+3140 236
Duplex ScannerS14 212
Mass Driver AmmunitionS1+2672
Mass DriverS1+4116 864
Impulse Ray EmitterS1+14 676
1 MJ ShieldS1-15 192
Mosquito MissileS1168
Trade Command Software MK2-13 508
Singularity Engine Time Accelerator-1-1252
Turbo Booster MK1-1-41 845 524
Trade Command Software MK1-15 924
Navigation Command Software MK1-12 948
Freight Scanner-1+526 952
Carrier Command Software-12 948
Mineral Scanner-1-137 844
Patrol Command Software-12 948
Turbo Booster MK2-1-417 926 236
Special Command Software MK1-14 212
Rudder Optimisation-1-184
Fight Command Software MK2-1+43 508
Engine Tuning-1-1140
Fight Command Software MK1-1+22 416
Boost Extension-1-11 124
Cargo Bay Extension-1-156

Presented only tentative prices and wares (they correct only at the moment new game starts).

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